Things have gotten serious this week, the ‘who can grow the tallest sunflower’ competition has begun. Some have taken the gardeners approach by using plastic objects to act as greenhouses, whilst others have left them for nature to do its thing. So whilst we impatiently wait for something to happen, let’s take a look at what captured our attention this week.

Monster Stains
This advert couldn’t be more appropriate after a sunny lunchtime game of cricket resulted in some grass-stained jeans. Persil are currently on a mission to get more children exploring the great outdoors, no matter how messy it might make them. So as part of their #DirtIsGood campaign, they’ve teamed up with Ogilvy and Aardman to tell a story about how two monsters faced their fears, and got dirty.

The ad stars stains such as baked beans, bike oil and soil which were painted onto 340 school shirts, and washed 2,576 times. They’ve even produced some mini videos starring individual stains, so after watching ‘Monster grass stains’ multiple times, we’re confident that Persil will do the trick.

[Failing that we’ll send them to grandma, her washing machine is magic!]

Bedtime VR Stories
Virtual Reality is still a bit of a blur for us regular kids, but Samsung are working hard to close that gap with their latest development. As a child, having a bedtime story was the best part of going to bed, listening to your mum, dad, brother, aunt nelly talk in silly voices whilst you admired the pretty pictures on each page. Unfortunately, longer working hours and busier schedules have meant that some parents can’t be at home to read their children a bedtime story, so Samsung have brought the story to them.

All you need is:

  1. A Samsung phone with the app downloaded
  2. Two VR headsets
  3. An internet connection

Once connected, you won’t just be reading the story, but experiencing the story side-by-side. Meaning that wherever parents are in the world, they can be a part of their children’s night time routine. It's still in the development process, but if you head to their website you can sign up to be the first to know when this piece of technology will be available.

Finger Lickin' Good
KFC flavoured nail varnish, now that’s a sentence you never thought you’d hear. The brand has recently announced that it’s literally bringing their classic tagline to life. Available in either Original or Hot & Spicy, Ogilvy & Mather has worked alongside food techs, McCormick to create this unique range.


But don’t jump in your cars and head down to your nearest drugstore just yet. This is an exclusive campaign for those in Hong Kong to hype up the brand. But fear not, the vote is in their hands as to which flavour should be mass produced, so the wait shouldn't be too long.

Now back to keeping an eye on our sunflowers. If we tell them to grow enough times it should happen, right?