It’s Friday, the sun is shining and it’s a bank holiday weekend, what could be better? This week has definitely revolved around the fact Berry and Hollywood returned to our screens, but that’s not the only thing that’s made a comeback. Pringle’s have announced this morning that they’re bringing back their #PringlesSnackPots, every 90s kids’ dream! In other world news, the new Night Tube service has begun with two creatives who have put their own spin on it, and created a pretty cool game.


Bake Off

Obviously #GBBO was going to get more than a mention in the opening paragraph. It’s what we’ve been on the countdown for for months, and most of the nation apparently, with a whopping 10.4 million viewers tuning in to the first episode, what an episode. They say you should never have favourite children, but nothing about favourite bakers. Ours are definitely Val, The Cake Whisperer and smooth Selasi- the tea towel must do something to the soul.


Trending on Twitter, the iconic tent became the #GBBO emoji and brands whipped up some fresh content. It’s also been heard on the grapevine that Morrison’s has employed it’s very own Bake Officer, who’s task is to make sure all baking essentials are well stocked in every store whilst having those other showstopper ingredients on standby for the Thursday morning. In other words, watching a lot of Bake Off and eating lots of cake, not that we’re jealous or anything.


Smart Streets

The United Kingdom is a nosey nation, there’s no doubt about it. The popularity of Googlebox proves this, so British Gas has cleverly caught onto this and captured it in their new campaign, Smarter Street. Three families were picked and filmed over three months to see how they react to smarter technology and the families couldn’t be more different.


The Hidden Worlds of the National Parks

Exploring the wonders of the world is something that’s on most people’s bucket list, so to celebrate the National Park’s 100th Anniversary, Google has created something pretty special. Through a 360-degree experience, users can swim through coral reefs, kayak through ice-bergs and fly with thousands of bats.


Puppy Pledge

Nowadays, there’s a national day for everything, take ‘National Chicken Dance Day’ for example (14th May if you’re wondering). Today is National Dog Day, and whilst funny and cute tweets pop up on Twitter, The Humane Society has taken the opportunity to remind people that things aren’t always as warm and fuzzy as they may seem.

Children always have the best imagination and when it comes to telling us where puppies come from, their visions are miles better than reality. Unfortunately, there are still thousands of puppies that are born and bred in puppy mills, and most dog owners don’t know that’s where they’re buying from. So by asking people to sign the puppy pledge, they’re hoping to #stoppuppymills for good.



To make today even better, James Cordon has released a new Carpool Karaoke, so being such nice people we are, we’ll leave the link just here. Have a happy weekend!