Happy National Donut & Fish & Chips day, what a combo for a Friday. This week we seem to be skipping summer and waving hello to autumn, the weather just does what it wants. So whilst The X Factor brings back some old faces, and the news of #Tayvin splitting devastates fans, we recap over this week’s goings on.

Bacon, Mother Christmas and a Spoon
When emojis first came out they were the talk of the century. It’s hard to remember life without the dancing girl or crying with laughter face emoji, and our bank of entertaining icons is about to get even bigger.

Unicode 9.0 has set the 21st of June as the official date for the release of 72 new emojis, including the likes of Rolling On The Floor Laughing (ROFL too many youngens), Black Heart and Man In Tuxedo. Some are long awaited, Face Palm, others not so much, Octagonal Sign, but we're sure there will be some new favourites creeping into users frequently used section!



When you mention the word Motorola, most people probably think of the 2006 ringtone, Hello Moto, that was followed by some cool, techno beat. Fast-forward it ten years later, the brand are pushing to be associated with their Droid Turbo 2’s top feature, a shatterproof screen.

So how are they getting this message across? With emojis of course. This new, universal language is relevant to all 21st century users, see point one, so how better show off their latest development. Through Twitter, users can see what happens to the emojis in their phones by tweeting their #shatteredstories to @Moto_USA. 

‘Royal Family’ vs ‘Beyonce’

The winner? Queen B of course. The Royal Family only has an average of 60,400 monthly searches compared to Beyonce’s whopping 4,090,000 figure.

These figures originate from a new game created by Code Computerlove, focusing on what terms get Googled more often. What do you have to do? Click on whether you think the term search volume is higher or lower than the previous one. The objective is simple, the answers are not always so.

It’s had over 150,000 plays, with the high score currently standing at 113. Our best is 49, can you beat it?

Back to dreaming about donuts and cheering Murray on, go on son.