Meet The Team: Lead Designer, Beth

Jordon Goodman

Jordon Goodman

In The Spotlight: Beth French, Lead Designer


This week, we wanted to show you an insight to the employees at Blue Digital. Today, we are putting our superstar Designer, Beth (aka B1) in the spotlight! We asked her a series of questions to learn some more about her role, personal, and work life! Take a read on what motivates and excites Beth below!



How did you get started in your career?

I always had an interest in design, my dad was a design engineer and my grandad were a photographer, so I would like to say it’s in my blood! My favourite subject at school was design and my passion grew from there. I studied graphic design & photography at College and realised a classroom-based course wasn't for me. I found an apprenticeship that I could learn on the job. My career has blossomed since!


How long have you worked at Blue Digital for?


4 years, my previous employer merged with Blue Digital to build a creative department within the agency.


What is your favourite part about the role you're in?


No day is the same, and it allows me to express my design skills. I get to work with a variety of clients, it’s exciting to get to know their business. We have a wide spectrum of clients we work with, from financial institutes to ice-cream brands, there’s a huge variation that keeps my role interesting.


If you could go into any other career what would it be?


I love to be creative and I love to bake, so I would merge the 2 together starting a cake business. At the moment I love baking in my spare time, and I make my work colleagues try my baking all the time (luckily, nobody has complained yet…)




What is the highlight of your career so far?


I think the biggest highlight of my career was being featured earlier this year in Net Magazine. This was such a great feeling because it shows that your work is really appreciated, especially when its experts who you are showcasing your work to, it makes you feel amazing when you receive positive feedback. We have also been shortlisted for the Chipshop awards in previous years.


What's one thing you love about working for Blue Digital?


The team! We have such a close-knit family feel its great! It really helps if I am struggling with a task, there is always somebody there to help you find the answer. It definitely helps that we all go on regular incentives from the business, which helps us keep that family feeling and build together as a team.


Where do you see yourself in the next 2 years?


In the next 2 years, I want to have a team of designers to work with that I can help, educate and build a great client portfolio to enable growth.



What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

One of my hobbies is performing Russian and Classic lashes. It is so satisfying seeing a full set of lashes on someone! I also spend time with my friends & family, as well as baking cakes (of course!)


Do you have any pets? If so, how many and what are they called?


I have 1 dog call (Naughty) Norman. He is two years old and is a Bichon Frise crossed with a Poodle (poochon) – the cutest lil guy!