Design Feature In net Magazine Summer Showcase

Beth French

Beth French



We are very proud to announce that our designer has been featured in this summer’s issue of net magazine.

We were approached with the opportunity to submit our designs for this challenge. We successfully met the brief by following this simple concept process, ultimately producing a concept to be proud of.

Brief: This month we would like you to imagine that you are promoting a two-day summer music festival. The online presence will need to capture the time of the year and have branding that will work across all platforms and in print and merchandise.

Here’s the writeup, and an insight into the life (and brain) of a designer!

  • We expanded on the basic brief to create our own story. The world is our oyster – but we need to set some boundaries. If your struggling to put together a brief for your new product, check out our blog post “ writing an effective design brief”
  • As a team internally we worked through the brief to get an understanding of our users, and the goals of the project.
  • We then brainstormed “festival names” for the purpose of this challenge, and analysed our competitors, the industry and social media platforms to firmly grasp the festival goers imagination. (Coachella, Leeds Festival, Glastonbury, Ushuaia are some of the festivals we have reviewed in the process). We have a helpful article to help you expand your brand and consider your future possibilities here
  • Wireframed and designed iterations of our concept ready to submit the final version.

Having spent my “youth” in Ibiza, I really wanted to get across the fashion and style of Ibiza in this site.

The Horizon festival website aim is to reflect a modern day, 20 – something culture, where sun sea, sand, sound and social media are all prominent. Sunny days and party nights are reflected in the colour palette shown on the front page and the bold typeface; they stand out and demand attention, just like the audience. It’s a celebration of summer, whilst being fashionable and free of boundaries.

Functional and effective, the date and ticket purchase areas are prominent, ultimately encouraging ticket sales. The platform will be the host for the weekend. Its easy to navigate so party goers can find everything they need on the site or the special app. From Music schedules, food vendor bios to medical help, the app will be the bible for the weekend.

Detach yourself from the world around you and party until the sun comes up



  1. Complimentary colour pallet ensures the site is vibrant but not too jarring. Did you know coral is the colour of 2019? Well that’s int here too!
  2. The side tab on the right is east to spot. Important details like this need to be found easily.
  3. On the mobile app, everything that you need is in one place, from the schedule to safeguarding.
  4. Trust builders are important during the user’s consideration phase. Social media is a powerful tool that can be utilised to boost confidence and desirability the product
  5. Is it summer yet? Not quite but everybody plans in advance and likes to have an occasion to get excited about. Need to be there? No problem, no one wants FOMO.
  6. All our designs are driven by results. By strategically placing trust builders and class to cation, I ensured uses are constantly remined of their end goal.


As we are a full-service agency, we have such a variety. This month I have commissioned recruitment booklets, press magazines and website concepts.


I check out Pinterest and Behance to spark new ideas! Inspiring images from Unsplash.


Line of duty, the Bay, Deadliest Catch and prison documentaries.

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